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The Bronx The Bronx The Bronx

Visionary x Earle x Hillbilly Bone
Crossbred/Stress Negative
Bred by Kilmer Swine Farm

  • Full sib to Manhattan and Duke of Earle at West Texas Boar Stud
• Full sib to Grand Crossbred Gilt at 2017 OYE
• Very stout, Heavy muscled, Great in his muscle shape
• Moderate in his frame size and length of body
• Has that Visionary look to his front end
• Will get bred to several sow here
Grand X-Bred Gilt
Grand Crossbred Gilt
2017 OYE




Visionary x Earle x Bone Collector x Hillbilly Bone 

Crossbred/Stress Negative
Bred by Kilmer Swine Farm

  • Lined bred Hillbilly Bone 
• Monster rib and tons of depth of body 
• Big boned 
• Square made, wide topped



Beat The Man x Fortune 

Crossbred/Stress Negative
Bred by Price Family Show Pigs 
Owned with Rodibauge and Hannon 

  • Bred to make showpigs with that extra show look and style
• Great reach off both ends, big footed and boned 
• Awesome top shape and square hopped
• Will give you that look and still maintain muscle and soundness



 Forbes x Uncharted

Crossbred / Stress Carrier
Bred by Ohio Valley Showpigs
Owned by Mark Furrer

  • Great build and design
• Jet level with the squareness of hip
• Super correct on his feet and legs
• Just like how you want your winning show barrows to look like!!




Pit Boss Pit Boss Pit Boss

Pit Boss
Wheels R Turning x Pitbull
Stress Negative

Now Housed at Top Cut Genetics
Bred by Kilmer Swine Farm


• Littermate to $20,000 Reserve Grand Champion Boar,
  2015 Crossbred Classic
• Same mother as Big Bob and the Grand Champion Gilt,
  2014 Crossbred Classic
•Extra width and muscle
• Massive rib cage with a great look
• Way out there in structure, bone, and foot size
Amazing chest width and squareness coming at you




All Eyes x Flat Bill
EN 15-3 / Reg# 491636003

Hampshire / Stress Negative
Bred by Kilmer Swine Farm

  • Square, ripped back with huge hind legs
• Moderate size, Great rib shape, Good looking through his front end
• From a proven sire and up and coming mother
• Will sire some really good show hogs




Carry On x He's a Ten
EN 23-10 / Reg# 488310010

Hampshire / Stress Negative
Bred by Keppy Showpigs

  • Out of Carry On, no stranger to the Hampshire breed
• He will add bone and foot size
• Will make them good looking with muscle




All Eyes All Eyes All Eyes
All Eyes
Outlaw x Homemade 45-1

Bred by Korb Farms
Owned with Upperhand Genetics
Please call Upperhand Genetics for ordering and pricing.

• $90,000 Champion Hampshire Boar from the 2015 WPX
• One of the best Hampshire boars that we have seen!!!

• A power hog that has the look we all want in our showpigs
• Massive, Square, Big Bone, Huge Center Body





Touch n Go x Wow
EN 113-1 x Reg# 583851001

Yorkshire / Stress Negative
Bred by Rodibaugh Genetic Team

  • All you need in one package
• Outstanding Squareness and Look
• Packed full of Mass and Muscle
• Very good on his feet and legs
• Proven sow, many class winners at major shows and Champion York Gilt at 2014 Fall Classic pig sift!




Buzzer Beater

Hooch x Mighty Mack 74-1
EN 15-1 / Reg# 548953001

Now Housed at Top Cut Genetics
Bred by Kilmer Swine Farm
Owned with Driscoll Show Stock

  • Square on his feet and legs, even toed, up on his pasterns and great   bone
• Moderate, huge centered and great spring of rib
• Out of a proven sow from Kevin Ricker
• First set of pigs look awesome



Buzzer Beater

Reserve Grand Champion Purebred
2015 WPX

Shown by Hunter McKinnon
Placed By Chad Day
Bred by Kilmer Swine Farm
Sired by Buzzer Beater

6th Overall and Reserve Yorkshire Barrow
2015 Indiana State Fair

Shown by The Bennington Family
Sired by Buzzer Beater







All Knight Long All Knight Long
All Knight Long
All Shook Up x Royal Flush
EN 13-4 / Reg# 363992004

Bred by Ryan and Tyler Knight
Owned with Tres Amigos Showpigs, Riggs & Thurston Showpigs


• Same mother as the $50,000 Champion Duroc Boar at 2016 WPX, Painted Red
• Mother was Grand Champion Gilt, 2014 Illinois State Fair
• The Duroc we have been searching for.
• Square from top to bottom and has a huge blade and chest
• Stands tall fronted and is really balanced.
• Unbelievalbe in his rib.
• Massive, opened up all the way through.

All Knight Long
Mother of All Knight Long
Grand Champion Gilt
2014 Illinois State Fair


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